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Monday, January 25, 2016

All Member of the Politburo Central Committee not recommend withdrawal

Deputy Chief of Party Central Committee Le Quang Vinh said this information and stressed: "The sense of Party comrades very high and has the will to withdraw from the long"

Talking to the press on the sidelines of the XII Congress of the Party immediately after the congress delegates conduct additional personnel nominated on the recommendation list of Central Committee elected Fellow XII (other than by the central committee list XI introduction), dimensional 24/1 Le Quang Vinh said the balance exceeded 30% as prescribed.
The comrades of the Central Committee XI if delegates are nominated, they must withdraw and the Congress decided to withdraw is not included in the list of nominees at the meeting. And do not belong Comrade old Central Committee has the right to freedom nominated, candidates.

In case list nominated by the Congress with a list composed by the central government introduced a total balance exceeds 30%, it will form a new list of comrades nominated to Congress by secret ballot, the counting of votes at the meeting and obtained from high to low until the maximum of 30%.
"For example, the Central Executive Committee introduced the balance 10% to 20% to the Congress nominated candidates. With 180 members of the Central Committee official, the 20% of 36 comrades. If the list 300 is also integrated into the list of 36 chosen by the central committee to form XI introduce electoral list, "said Le Quang Vinh said.
After forming the official electoral list, the General Assembly will elect the official list of Commissioners and Commissioner own alternate easy for delegates to express their views.
Le Quang Vinh said that the comrades as President Truong Tan Sang, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung was nominated deputies are normal, are the rights of participants.
"However, the Central Executive Committee of the XIth difficult decision as Comrade Member of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat over 65 is generally to stay out, unless" special circumstances "; Fellow comrades Central on 60 and must stay, minus 4 "special case" was introduced Central congress ", Deputy Chief of the Central Office said.
Under the Regulation, a Fellow comrades Central Committee comrades XI as above is not nominated but to withdraw. Congress will vote to decide whether to withdraw or not. This will be conducted tomorrow (25/1).
Answering questions at Union today there are comrades not recommend withdrawal, Le Quang Vinh said: "All the comrades Committee Politburo member, Secretary of the Board of the Central Government not to introduce withdrew . Because of the sense of comradeship Party very high and comrades expressed wishes for a long (from the plenum). As for withdrawing or not by the General Assembly decided "./.
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